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Our Mission: Leisure legacy Inc. will actively seek out local, state, and federal grant opportunities, foundation grants, fundraising activities, marketing opportunities, public relations opportunities, sponsorship and donation requests and any other opportunities and or requests which will serve to promote the goals of the organization. Additionally it will receive donations, gifts, bequests or other contributions to assist and aid in the civic and public service efforts of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism of Roanoke County, Virginia.

Our Board Members represent a coalition of people who are ready to serve, help and promote the goals of this corporation.  Click here for a list of our current Board Members.

Our Volunteers are people whoh live right here in Roanoke County.  They want to see that every child who wants to be a part of or enjoy one of our many recreational opportunities gets to regardless of economic status!

Our Donors represent a portion of our residents and corporate sponsors who want to physically provide monies and donations to support this great mission. We appreciate our donors so very much!


Our Board Members:

Our Volunteers:

Our Donors:

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